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Covid 19 has so far fractured a major chunk of India’s educational system with many schools and colleges are being closed. To overcome the situation, many universities and colleges have started free online classes.Mangalore Independent PU College is one such college, having started free online classes for the upcoming and outgoing PU students, thus helping the general public. Intending to mix education with technological advancement, the college has been using the letseduvate application to fruition. The schedule is such that every day four sessions will be conducted between 10 am and 2 pm, for streams such as science and commerce with the languages.. The NEET/CET coaching has been going on in full fledge with the help from the outsourced faculty in Mumbai. Many students, who have actively undertaken the course, have acknowledged gratitude towards the measures taken by the institution. It is appreciable that the right preparations are being made, on the technological front and it is noted that the faculty has been doing incredibly well and we are weaving our course in such a way that it will benefit the general public. By these measures, within a short period, MIPUC has proved to be among the top emerging institutions in Bengaluru and will continue to do the same in the upcoming years.

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